Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Speakers

Will the mystery guest please stand...

Join the creative, fun loving supporters of O'SAIL for a series of "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" social events including dinner with a special "surprise" guest speaker.  

Missed some of the past events?  No problem - check out some of the featured guests HERE!  




David Bailay - GWCTD

David Bailey

Greensboro, NC

Adventure and travel writer, omnivore, editor and project manager,

scholar/gentleman/cowboy, Eagle Scout 



Mike Lubbock - GWCTD

Mike Lubbock


Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park 

Scotland Neck, NC




Dwight Berry - GWCTD

Dwight Berry

Roanoke Rapids, NC

Teacher, Musician, and Author



Tom Myrick - GWCTD 

Tom Myrick 

Roanoke Rapids, NC 

Stories of building the Lake Gaston dam


Barbara A Purdy - GWCTD 

Barbara A. Purdy 

Professor of Anthropology (Emerita) 

University of Florida Curator in Archaeology (joint appointment) 

Florida Museum of Natural History (Emerita)



 Hermie Sadler - GWCTD

Hermie Sadler 

Hermie Sadler Racing, NASCAR TV Analyst 

The Hermie and Elliott Sadler Foundation 

United Wrestling Federation



 Lizzie Smith - GWCTD

Lizzie Smith 

Lizzie Smith Motorsports 



 Samual Harvey Mosely Jr - GWCTD

Samuel Harvey Moseley, Jr 

Senior Astrophysicist   

Laboratory for Observational Cosmology 

Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA 

Member of COBE Science Team; 2006 Nobel Prize awarded to 

COBE Team Leader, John Mather



 Gene R. Nichol - GWCTD

Gene R. Nichol 

Professor of Law and Director of the Center on Poverty, Work & Opportunity,

UNC School of Law



 David L. Beamer - GWCTD

David L. Beamer 

Father of Todd Beamer, 9/11 Hero



David Poe - GWCTD

 David Poe 

Retired educator & road trip addict 

the County Seats of NC



Sandra Martin - GWCTD 

Sandra Martin

CEO & Founder of Spiritere Television, publishing agent, book publisher, TV executive producer




 Ann and John Campbell

Ann & John Campbell

Entrepreneurs, founders of Campbell Alliance, principals of WasteZero




 Milton Lewis and Adam Fields

Milton, Lewis and Adam Fields

3 generations of Lake Gaston residents





Sarah & Harvey Moseley, Tom King

Growing up on the Roanoke River and the coming of Lake Gaston




 Dr. RP Stephen Davis Jr. - GWCTD

Dr. R.P. Stephen Davis, Jr. archaeologist

UNC Archaeological Investigations in Gaston Reservoir, 1961-1962 



 Charla Duncan - GWCTD

Charla Duncan

teacher, guardian ad Litem, Warren County native, TEDxLizardCreek committee-social media, blogger, rollergirl

Guess Who’s Rolling to Dinner?



Kim Terpening - GWCTD


Kim Terpening


Banjo player, music teacher, portrait artist, food scientist


Guess Who’s Strumming to Dinner?



Fred Kessler - GWCTD


Fred Kessler


Auctioneer, metal craftsman, storyteller



NC Beer Guys - GWCTD

NC Beer Guys



Inez Ribustello - GWCTD


Inez Ribustello


Owner On the Square Restaurant & Wine Store, sommelier



Sam Ratto - GWCTD

Sam Ratto

Chocolate Maker, Entrepreneur, Co-CEO Videri Chocolate Factory